Molly Corbett Broad is the president of the American Council on Education (ACE). She came to
ACE from the University of North Carolina (UNC), where she served as president from 1997 to 2006.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is counselor and trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He is also the Robert E. Osgood Professor of American Foreign Policy at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. He served as National Security Adviser to President Carter and in other positions under Presidents Johnson, Reagan, and Bush.

Charles Calomiris is the Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at the Columbia University Business School. An authority on financial institutions, his research spans the areas of banking, corporate finance, financial history, and monetary economics.

Pradeep Chhibber is professor of political science and holds the Indo-American Community Chair in India Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. He has served as chair of the Department of Political Science at Berkeley and as director of the Center for South Asia Studies at the University of Michigan. His research is on electoral politics, party systems, and the politics of India. He has just completed a large study on democratic governance in India.

Stephen P. Cohen is senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies program of the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC and adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He also serves as senior research scientist in the program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS), of which he was co-founder and director.

Francine Frankel is a professor of political science and founding director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a founding member of the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India (UPIASI), New Delhi. Frankel is a research fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Mauro Guillen is the director of the Joseph H. Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, a research and teaching program on management and international relations. He holds the Dr. Felix Zandman Endowed Professorship in International Management at the Wharton School and a secondary appointment as professor of sociology in the Department of Sociology of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lee Hamilton is president and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University. Hamilton served for 34 years in Congress, representing Indiana's ninth district. Since leaving the House in 1999, he has served on numerous national commissions, including most recently the Iraq Study Group, created at the urging of Congress as a forward-looking, bipartisan assessment of the situation in Iraq.

Stephen Hanson is vice provost of global affairs and Herbert J. Ellison Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington.

Nicholas Lardy has served as senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics since 2003. His previous position was as senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies program at the Brookings Institution, where he also served as interim director of Foreign Policy Studies. Before Brookings, he served at the University of Washington, where he was the director of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. He is an expert on Asia, especially the Chinese economy.

Sen. Richard Lugar is the most senior Republican in the U.S. Senate and the longest serving U.S. Senator in Indiana history. Senator Lugar is the Republican leader of the Foreign Relations Committee and a member and former chairman of the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee. He is an unwavering advocate of U.S. leadership in the world, strong national security, free-trade and economic growth.

M. Nazif Shahrani is professor of anthropology and Central Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is currently chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and has served as director of the Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program at Indiana University.

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